Singer-songwriter SAKiとGuitarist / composer JodyTenkuにより、

2013年に結成されたSAKi & The Factorをベースに更なる可能性とテーマにより改名。



これまでにSAKi&The Factor名義でアルバム3作をリリース。

国内最大のFUJI ROCK FESTIVAL`17や米国8万人規模のアートフェスBurning Man`18に 出演。


 2019年THE FACTORS名義、第1弾として 2018年にKenji Jammer & K.U.D.Oにより

プロデュースされたシングル7inch 霧ヶ峰に続き


 2020年にリリースした4th album"EDENICO"の

12inch Vinylを2021年7月リリース予定!  


SAKi & the factor was founded in 2013 by the singer/songwriter SAKi and the guitarist/composer Jody Tenku.

In 2019, they renewed the name to THE FACTORS and aimed for the higher ground and greater possibilities.

Their music is infused with a wide range of styles that can take listeners to the musical journeys into sublime ecstasies.

SAKi’s angelic yet soulful voice is accompanied by a variety of sounds from Jody Tenku who masterfully utilizes his guitar with multiple effectors and looper.

Best described as “revel music”,

they often invite diverse musicians (factors) from around the world. Together, THE FACTORS invoke the listener’s imagination with awe inspiring sonic universe.

As SAKi & the factor, they had been prolific:

releasing three albums, providing sound tracks for promotional videos and snowboard DVDs, touring throughout Japan,

South East Asia and California, and performing at music festivals such as the world-famous FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL’17 and BURNING MAN’18.

Following the 7 inch single, “Kirigamine” (2018),

the first in the series produced by Kenji Jammer and K.U.D.O., THE FACTORS will be releasing the second installment,

12 inch EP in the spring of 2019.

THE FACTORS released 4th album titled “Edenico” in the autumn of 2020.