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​Special Supporting Member
 Violinist / Mandolin / Filmmaker





  音楽家としても幅広く活動をしていて、アメリカではヨーロッパやユダヤの民族音楽を中心としたグループ、Hernandez Hideaway、そして実験即興音楽バンドAlien on Vacation、日本ではThe Factorsと共にヴァイオリンとマンドリンを演奏している。


Promotion Video 2018, Feather off official videoなどの製作も手掛ける。


  Originally hailing from Nagano, Japan, Nao moved to California in 1996 to study film. First earning a BA in film & digital media from UC Santa Cruz, and later a MFA in cinema from SF State University, Nao has spent more than 18 years working on film and television productions throughout San Francisco Bay Area and Japan.

  Nao is a freelance filmmaker whose versatile production skills include directing, producing, editing, location sound engineering, sound design, videography, and assistant camera. Currently, Nao works for foreign TV and film productions in Japan as a fixer, production coordinator, translator, sound recordist, and videographer.

  When not paying the bills, Nao has been devoting to make his own films of many genres, such as documentaries, fictions and animations. Lately, he has been creating experimental works in live cinema that feature live music and elements of audience interaction.

  Nao is also a life long musician. He started playing violin at the age of 4 and always had his love of music along with his love of cinema. Nao is a founding member of Hernandez Hideaway (, the San Francisco Bay Area’s favorite klezmer and old world music band. Partnering with the bass player H.J. Mooij from Hernandez Hideaway, Nao’s latest music project is the experimental improv music duo Alien on Vacation (
In his home town of Nagano, Japan, Nao has been performing with The Factors since 2014.
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